Our Engagement Story

Since much of my time over the next six months will be focused on prepping for our big day, I thought it was fitting to start with where it all began – our engagement! Recently, I had Christopher write his side for our wedding website, so I thought I’d share it here – with some photos from the day – enjoy!

The Bride’s Side: After Christopher left for a weekend at Foxwoods, I headed to Groton to meet one of my best friends Kristen to get our nails done, shop and have lunch. Kristen also wanted help with a gift for her sister’s nursery – she was about to be an aunt! Since her sister and brother-in-law were married at The Barn at Gibbet Hill and planning a princess-themed nursery (or so I was told), she wanted to frame a picture of a castle.. and what better than the one at the top of Gibbet Hill?

After getting the hint from her mom to head up there – it was the perfect, sunny day – we picked up a camera from her parents’ house and made the trek to the top. Rounding the corner to get a better view, Kristen goes “look, there are flowers!” Seeing rose petals on the ground, I gasped and said, “Kristen, it looks like someone is getting engaged.. we shouldn’t be up here!” As I turned away, I saw him standing there, the shock hit me and the happy tears began.

The Groom’s Version: Heading to the castle for a trial run the day before, I remember thinking there was no way Katie would ever believe that I was taking a random trip to the casino and that she had to hike up a hill to take pictures for a nursery the following day. That was before I knew I was dealing with the ‘Queen of Lies’ (Kristen) and the most gullible bride to be…

Ever since I met Katie, she has been very special to me and I needed to find a way to show her that. Plus, I’m pretty sure she thought on countless other occasions that “maybe this is the night?” Gibbet Hill certainly made this special for Katie as she had grown up down the street day-dreaming of her very own castle-themed wedding.

As I climbed the hill on the big day, I was nervous and other hikers and teenagers didn’t help (guys, give me like 10 minutes please?!). After what felt like forever and a few shots of fireball later, Katie finally came walking up, camera in hand, not having a clue what was coming next. When she spotted the flowers and then where I was hiding, words can’t describe what I felt as she walked slowly towards me.

The surprises didn’t stop there – our families were waiting at the bottom of hill with champagne to toast. And as if that wasn’t enough, our closest friends surprised Katie at her parents’ house – officially making it the best day ever.


We’re so excited to be having our wedding ceremony and reception at The Barn at Gibbet Hill this June. I’ll be posting more about wedding planning, but in the meantime you can follow along on Instagram with #lovingyoumorrison!



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